GENANO Technology: How It Works!

GENANO® Professional Air Decontamination for Hospitals

The Top 3 Reasons To Own & Use A GENANO 310 Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life!

The internationally famous, world-leading GENANO 310 is a portable filter-less air purifier that is well over 100X more powerful than the very best filter-based air cleaners. It offers 1. POWER!  2. EASE OF USE! and 3. ECONOMY!

Do you desire truly Professional Air Purification that actually costs far less in Total Expenses over the 20+ year life of your unit?!! The G310 even super-cleanses dirty indoor air on a nanometer scale!

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Mobidiag Laboratories: A GENANO® Customer Story

This testimonial interview with the lead scientist and assistants in the Mobidiag Laboratory make it unmistakably clear: GENANO Portable Air Purifiers are easy to install and maintain and offer uber-powerful indoor air cleaning sufficient even to protect the processes of DNA testing.

Unrivaled Filter-Less Air Purification: The Top 5 Reasons You Do NOT Want A Filter-Based Air Cleaning System!