G1000 Series Insertion Unit

The GENANO® 1000 Series In-Line System, just like the GENANO Portables, destroys and removes ultra fine particulate matter down to 0.001 micron. But it does it while also moving 7,400 - 10,000 CFM with its largest size unit. This incredible purification at high air voume is performed with negligible pressure drop, minimal power requirements, and all captured particles being safely flushed to drains automatically. There are no hazardous materials such as HEPA filters to be handled -- a feature particularly important when dealing with extremely hazardous particles.

G1000's are typically integrated into the return air stream of the air conditioning ductwork in a full flow system. In less critical situations, a bypass system may be considered.

G1000's can also be mounted remotely with their own fan to create the airflow necessary to filter the air. They tap into the return air duct, draw air out, filter it and feed it back into the system. This In-Line technology also lends itself to free standing devices without any climate control for industrial applications.

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