G310 Mid-Size Portable Unit

The G310 Air Purifier is a 1,000-3,000 sq. ft. range unit used to provide ultrapure air in healthcare facilities, living residences, and medium-to-large office spaces. It has its greatest health protection impact in special hospital areas such as ICU's, CCU's, and operating theaters that need their air super-cleansed at a nanometer scale for immuno-compromised patients. 

Clean rooms and doctor/dental labs around the globe also benefit from the G310's Total Particulate Count Capture up to 99.95% as well as its nano-scale pufication efficiency.

In addition, the G310 is suitable for production sites where impurities in the air such as fine and ultra-fine dusts must be removed for worker health safety or production process reasons. Food production sites especially need the G310 -- or perhaps G5250's for larger range applications.

The activated carbon cleaning capsule in the G310 powerfully removes odors and VOC gases.

G310 Self-Cleaning: At weekly intervals, the G310 automatically self-washes with forceful internal showers.

Uses NO Filters or UV Lights     Built to last: 20+ years

Extremely Low Power consumption: 60-120 Watts

Average Monthly Electric Cost $9.00                   

Regular G310 $10,500  

Medical Grade G310 $11,500