GENANO Technology® From Finland: Uniquely Powerful and Economical Air Purification for America


For the past century or so, many of us have lived and worked indoors most of the hours of our day. But we’ve doubtless said to ourselves quite often: “I think I’ll step outside and get some fresh air!”

This only makes sense. We often feel better where the sun and wind and rain or snow have cleansed the air and the oxygenation is higher. In fact, staying indoors too much, doctors warn us, is a health hazard. 

Nevertheless, it’s widely recognized today that we all average spending about 90% of our time indoors. Not the best thing for us!

And to add insult to injury, starting way back in the 1970’s — when we began to “seal tight” our homes and medical facilities and work buildings with better and better insulation to conserve energy consumption and HVAC expense — we trapped indoors the outdoor pollution that was increasing in modern society. We didn’t “air things out” as before.

This truly was bad news! Toxic stuff wafted its way inside through our doors and windows and got trapped in our indoor living environment – think carpet, drapes, furniture, even our walls – to potentially pollute our lungs and blood and brain and other organs.

So we’ve needed excellent indoor air purification. To avoid sluggishness and headaches and other Sick Building Syndrome problems, along with a host of allergy problems, we’ve desperately needed our indoor air to be the best quality possible.


For over fifty years now, we’ve relied on expensive HEPA filter systems (or something less expensive and even less effective) to do the best they can at cleaning our indoor air. It’s a simple fact that HEPA filters have been the best thing available, and we’ve paid the price for them – with frequent hazardous-material filter replacements and hoggish energy consumption and huge total costs of ownership/operation. 

Until the 21st century—the year 2002, to be exact—no one had invented and patented anything better.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case!  A radically new and utterly unique air purification technology from the far-away land of Finland has come on the world scene with 300 times the purification efficiency of the very best HEPA filter systems.


Portable Air Purifier


Here’s why that’s important.

Scientists are warning us more and more about two particulars of the surprisingly bad health risks in today’s indoor air we breathe  — ultrafine particles and VOC gases. It is now very well-established medical fact that both the short-term and the long-term costs to human health from these invisible particle-and-gas threats are significant, in many cases severe.

That’s because those insidious ultrafine particles and VOC gases – which are ever-present in each and every modern American society building and residence, no matter how new they are – are able to penetrate our bloodstream through alveoli in our lungs. And the smaller the toxic particle, the deeper it is able to penetrate into our lungs. 

These harmful airborne impurities include:
viruses, bacteria, mold toxins,
and a plethora of other toxic particles
from polluted outdoor air,
including diesel exhaust
and manufacturing Nano-size particles.

These enemies find their way on the jet stream and on lesser winds and breezes – even from hundreds of miles away – into our workplaces and our homes. There they accumulate over time, as we’ve said, in our carpets and drapes and furniture and walls and especially in our HVAC systems. Every time we turn on the heat or A/C or walk on our carpets or move our drapes or sit down on our furniture, we stir up these invisible but noxious accumulated particles.

And given that scenario, here’s the alarming conundrum we face …

Removing toxic particles smaller than
.3 microns is simply NOT possible
with even the best HEPA filter systems. 

The EPA confirms this well-proven fact.

Yet because of modern-day
nano-size pollution from manufacturing,
diesel exhaust, and a host
of other bad sources,
millions upon millions of
toxic ultrafine particulates
inevitably make their way to us indoors,
a whopping 90% of indoor airborne particles
are smaller than .3 microns.


Do you see?
Filter-based systems can only catch
of airborne threats!

And what are the consequences to our health from this inadequacy of HEPA systems – or other systems that are even more inferior? The increasing allergy symptoms, asthma, COPD, sick building syndrome that we’ve mentioned…

…plus Airborne Hospital-Acquired infections that steal 50,000 American lives every single year. Note: That’s more than all the car crashes and heart attacks combined.

Shocking, but true. So heartbreakingly true.

However. There is an answer. A very real and very powerful answer!

To the rescue comes the globally patented technology from Finland that is a stunning game-changer.

Not only are GENANO Technology® Indoor Air Purifiers 1) much safer and 2) much more powerful than even the best filter-systems, they’re also 3) significantly more economical in their total costs – even though their initial sticker price is high – because they don’t require expensive HEPA filter replacements or hoggish energy consumption.

Here’s a simple comparison:
The numbers have been crunched,
charted, and well-documented. 

For every $1.00 of Total Costs to have filter-free,
ultra-pure air with a GENANO® unit,
you have to shell out
$5.00 or more to pay for
a filter-based system’s
Total Costs of ownership and operation. 

Pay five times as much for what is now
a seriously inferior technology?


Pay five times as much for indoor air than can
leave you sick?


The three attributes mentioned above are what make GENANO® Air Purifiers vastly superior to the competition.

But their greatest advantage is their unique air purification method that eliminates microbes and removes particles down to a nanometer scale – even as small as .001 micronswithout ever using any HEPA filters or UV lights.

This is what empowers them to wonderfully protect human health and vitality – and even human lives.

Want proof? GENANO Technology® has been scientifically tested in 3 separate International Labs – STI of Finland (2002), LNE of France (2007), and now even in the world-famous RTI Labs in North Carolina (2012).  In all three of those independent labs it was 100% proven to ultra-purify down to 1 nanometer size particles (PM 0.001) as it destroyed and safely removed 99.5% of even the smallest of particles, where the worst threats to human health lie.

It really is the invisible small stuff that can get you.

The conclusion of the matter:

Compared to standard HEPA filters,
GENANO’s purification performance
is 300 times better in terms of particle size.

To repeat, GENANO Technology® eliminates – destroys and safely removes – the microbes in your indoor air, instead of just collecting them in a filter where they can incubate and multiply their danger in the very space that is supposed to be protected. 

Compare for yourself…

Which is more important?

Removing 0.3 microns particles with 99.99% efficiency?
HEPA filters


Removing .001 microns particles with 99.5% efficiency?

We’re hoping that you’ll make the good choice! 

And we’d love for you to read our future blogs to understand more about how economical GENANO® Air Purifiers really are compared to the outrageous expenses of filter systems than can’t do the air purification job that’s needed!