Portable GENANO 310 In a Head-To-Head Competition with IQAir's Multi-Gas GC


 Why Should You Choose

GENANO 310 with

Filter-Less Nano-Scale Air Purification?! 


In a direct comparison

Consumers Digest Best Buy Product

IQAir Multi-Gas GC 

has Total Costs that are

      3-6 times greater than GENANO 310’s.

3 times for 1,500 sq. ft. range

6 times for 3,000 sq. ft. range


And the

GENANO 310’s

Filter-Free Nano-Scale

Purification Efficiency to .001 microns

is *300 times more powerful

than IQAir’s Multi-Gas GC’s.


*We wish to acknowledge that IQAir in their videos

– and in at least one place on their website –

claims that their purification efficiency is effective down to .003 microns.


However, the EPA has stated this is impossible.

And IQAir uses their own in-house scientists to make this

“theoretical claim” based on hypothetical formulas.


On top of this, IQAir has only guaranteed their purification to .3 microns.

The other top filter-based air purifier companies acknowledge

that this is their limit – .3 microns.


We wish to see IQAir spend the multiple tens of thousands of dollars

that GENANO®-Finland has

to verify their claims in unbiased International Laboratories.




With the G310 even viruses and bacteria

and ultrafine dusts/mold toxins

are destroyed and safely removed at a true nanometer scale!


Doubtless, you’re a health-conscious person, and recently you may have found yourself thinking something like this: “I have got to make a choice about a good new air purifier or two for the house. Suzie’s allergies are killing her, and Dan’s always sick with some respiratory infection. Plus, I feel dead-headed and sluggish when I’m working at home indoors for hours. I always have to go outside and breathe the fresh air to wake up!” 


Have you lately caught yourself telling a friend: “I’ve heard about that toxic stuff falling on us out of the sky from those jet chemtrails! Or maybe this flu epidemic this winter really is some foreign government’s secret biological warfare – the Globalists’ population reduction scheme!” 

And then! 

Perhaps you’ve said: “I’m certainly not gonna buy one of those cheapie low-budget air purifiers. They’re worthless, and my family’s health – not to mention my own! – is a lot more important than that.” 

But then it’s possible you’ve also said… 

“I don’t see how I can afford the best. I know effective air purifiers can be really expensive. I suppose I’ll just get one that’s … good enough … priced somewhere in the middle. That should do the trick. And surely we’ll all be better off health-wise – without wrecking our budget.” 

Or, watch out…! 

Maybe you’ve actually done some research on a leading website and said to yourself: “250 watts! IQ Air’s portables burn up 250 watts??!! What’s my energy bill going to look like when I have to have 2 or 3 of those babies running to cover the range of my whole house? Yikes! And that doesn’t even start to figure in the high expense of their regular replacement filters.”


Maybe you’ve zeroed in even further – on some website fine print — and said to yourself: “IQAir tells me to only run my air purifier 10 hours a day? Are you kidding me? I work at home, and I sleep at home. I’m there at least 20 hours a day!!!” 

Friend, we sympathize with you. We really do. 

So this week, we here at Austin Pure Air are taking on one of our "wannabe competitor products” — IQAir’s Multi-Gas GC!  

Now, to be sure, we think the IQAir Multi-Gas GC is one of the best filter-based systems around (for what they’re worth these days), and IQAir has a superb website you can really enjoy browsing (as long as you don’t get to the fine print and pay close attention!). 

Plus, IQAir has some very cheerful, very helpful phone operators. 

And notably, Multi-Gas GC’s are priced … well, somewhere close to, or a little above, the middle. 

Okay… here goes! Comparison time!

 Austin Pure Air has some great news for you. We hope you’ll enjoy soaking up “just the facts, ma’am or sir, just the facts.” 

Fair warning: We pull no punches in this direct comparison. We’re not going to try to be nice. We’re going to tell the truth. And IQAir may not be able to handle the truth! 

In fact, we suspect that they may be “afraid" of our new technology that is now world-leading and game-changing for America! After all, we believe that if every single person knew about what’s become available on the U.S. market and how powerfully healthful it is, and if they could somehow manage the up-front sticker price (perhaps through short-term financing), what would happen to IQAir? Their 50-year venture of success with what are now old-technology fiber filters might slowly go down the drain. 


They’ve already threatened Austin Pure Air legally with a wimpy letter from their lawyer, claiming our claims about them and about GENANO Technology® are wrong.

We have, however, facts – and clear, unbiased stat reports on our side. 

So we responded truthfully. After that, there was nothing more they could say... 

We informed them that we took all of their numbers in our website comparisons directly from their website information or from interviews with their phone representatives. And all of OUR stats are based on ultra-reliable International Lab Tests … not in-house scientists like the ones they pay to give them the results they want. 

All right then! Before we begin our rather thorough verbal comparison, please take a very good look at the following chart. But caution! Normally you want a chart to be simple and easy to read.

However, for our special purposes this time, we packed this particular chart with lots of info…


You’ll have to spend several minutes

with this chart to really soak up all of its insights.


If you’re in the serious market for the best indoor air purification

available in the U.S. -- and the world, for that matter -- 

which can save quietly but powerfully

save your health and vitality,

it’s well worth it…


Note: If the chart overwhelms you, just go on down to the 5-Point Comparison Summary

and the lengthier full verbal description of the 5-point head-to-head comparison…


(the chart will be available soon...go on down and read further...thanks!)




A Range of 3,000 Sq. Ft.

For A Projected 20 Years


Suggested G310 Specific Applications:

Fine Residential

Senior Living


(ICU’s, CCU’s, operating theaters)






One Portable GENANO 310

$10,500 Sticker Price


Hold on to your hats…we’re going to show you

quickly why that price is a steal of a deal

and why the G310 will in the end save you

boatloads of money – using very low energy consumption

and no filters or UV lights!


     G310 Vital Stats Summary:

1.  Nanometer scale purification to .001 microns

     With up to 99.5% of total particulate count

       destroyed and safely removed


2.  3,000 sq. ft. max range


3. Total Costs are 1/6 of IQAir's Total Costs

      for 8 of their units required for equivalent range

        and service life comparison


  1. Operates 24-7-365 ... except during self-cleaning for 1-2 hours/week


  1. 20+ Year Service Life



— versus —



Eight IQAir Multi-Gas GC’s

Required to match the Range and Service Life of the G310

8 x $1,299 =

$10,392 Sticker Price


  IQAir Multi-Gas GC Vital Stats Summary:

  1. .3 microns “very limited cleaning”

          Removes only 10% of total particulate count in the air

                    Leaves 90% still floating around


  1. 750 sq. ft. max range


  1. Total Costs 3-6 times that of GENANO 310


  1. Intended to run only 10 hrs. a day


  1. 10 Years (or Less) Service Life
    • Must be replaced at least once for 20-Year service life





First Major Point

Purification Efficiency

Clear Winner: GENANO 310


Note that GENANO® Technology is 300 times

more powerful in its purification efficiency than IQAir's.

.001 microns (1 Nano) versus .3 microns


IQAir's best is only .3 microns, which science tell us

leaves 90% of potentially

toxic particulates still floating in the air.


Why? 90% of particulates are simply too small for filters to trap.


Helpful Fact:

Of the approximately 20 million particulates

floating in every cubic foot of indoor air,

HEPA filters — as in IQAir products —

catch only about 2 million…

which is right at a mere

10% of the total count, obviously.


*GENANO®’s purification efficiency, on the other hand

(see note below with asterisk)

— proven in 3 separate International Labs —

as small as .001 microns — 1 nano — which ensures

that we get every size and kind of threatening

particulate matter, whether it be

living, dead, or inanimate.


The GENANO® result is a well-proven maximum

99.5% of the entire particulate count.


*Requires use of 1st speed and 1,000 sq. ft. range.

At higher speeds and/or larger ranges, the actual

purification efficiency may drop just a few points.

But it will still be far, far better

than any filter-based system can achieve.


Summary of Point One:

IQAir > 10% capture but no kill of biological

material or safe removal

GENANO® > 99.5% capture, total destruction,

and safe removal of biological and all other particulates





Second Major Point


Clear Winner: GENANO 310


Note that the maximum range of a

G310 is 3,000 sq. ft.



It’s important for us to clarify once again something important here:

To have the maximum purification efficiency with a G310,

the minimum application range and lowest speed is used.

And vice versa.

Example: 99.5% at 1,000 sq. ft. running at 1st speed.

About 95-96% purification efficiency at 3,000 sq. ft. at 2nd/3rd speed.



The IQAir Multi-Gas GC range max

at any speed is ONLY… 750 sq. ft.




You need 4 Multi-Gas GC’s to cover 3,000 sq. ft.

You need 2 Multi-Gas GC’s to just cover 1,500 sq. ft.




TO COVER 3,000 Sq. Ft. for 20 Years

4 x 2 = 8

4 IQAir’s to reach the range of a G310

2 IQAir’s to last 20 years, the life of a G310 (or better!)


And this helps explain the outrageous IQAir Total Costs

we’ve portrayed in the chart above.



Third Major Point

Sticker Price versus Total Costs

Sticker Price: Virtually Tied

Total Costs Clear Winner: GENANO 310


Sticker prices:

IQAir Multi-Gas GC $1,299 x 8 = $10,392

G310: $10,500


Total Costs for 20 years:

IQAir Multi-Gas GC $75,498

...because of huge expenses from

4 separate regular filter replacements

— about $500/year per unit —

and hoggish energy consumption at 250 watts

versus only 90 watts for the G310…


...and having to use 8 Multi-Gas GC’s

to match the range and service life of the G310!


Total Costs for 20 years:

GENANO 310 $12,676



There it is, folks.

A more than 6 to 1 ratio of Total Expenses,

IQAir Multi-Gas GC to GENANO 310,

if you’re going to match range and service life.





Fourth Major Point

Usage Per Day Allowed

And this is huge! 

Overwhelming Winner: GENANO 310


IQAir asks you…

to use their air purifiers only 10 hrs. a day.

Otherwise, the IQ Air's filters and energy expense

will escalate dramatically and the unit

will wear out even faster.


Are you kidding me?


The G310 runs 24-7-365

...except for when it’s self-cleaning!

(1-2 hours each week)



Fifth Major Point

Ease of Maintenance

Clear Winner: GENANO 310


IQAir’s Multi-Gas GC has 4 different filters.

At least one of them has to be replaced

— on average —

every 90 days.

When filters are changed,

incubated toxins are released right back into the air

and a hazardous material danger is present for the

person who changes the filter.

The G310 Portable Unit, however,

requires only the occasional addition of distilled water,

perhaps mixing in a very small capful of environmentally safe




No filters or UV lights to worry about, ever.








Or…even up against just one Multi-Gas GC!

Remember that when you can only

purify to .3 microns,

you leave 90% of threatening airborne particulates

-- including pathogens! --

still floating in the air to be breathed in

deep into your lungs’ alveoli and blood stream and organs! 



Now — to be totally fair — let’s mention

three possible disadvantages GENANO products 

may be THOUGHT to have compared to IQAir products.


1. Higher initial GENANO® sticker pricecan be a financial problem for some customers, even given 2-5 year financing through Austin Pure Air’s affiliate as an option. 

Answer: The 6 to 1 ratio for Total Costs.

IQAir products are way, way, way more expensive over the long run than any GENANO model!



2. Larger size of GENANO® Portables that some folks don’t prefer.


Answer: Our serious air purification requires our serious technology with our serious purification chamber. And...GENANO Portables can be camouflaged with decorative plants or stand-alone partitions!


Additional Note: Health-conscious folks with money don’t mind showing off their expensive water distillers that often sit on their kitchen counter tops. People who care about breathing

 healthy pure air and who can afford a GENANO will often want to show it off too!


3. 30-day GENANO® delivery versus 1 week or less for IQAir products 

       Answer: Really?!!!

            Waiting 1 month for a world-leading product is a problem? 

Plus, this will eventually not be an objection when GENANO® Portables stock is built up here in the U.S. by North American Distributor Austin Pure Air

— versus our units coming by air shipping direct to your doorstep from Finland.



Some extra info…

The picture below demonstrates how

GENANO Technology®

Filter-Less Nano-Scale Portable Air Purifiers work!



The verbiage in the chart is a translation from Finnish to English.

Thanks for bearing with any awkward expressions!

And of course, if you’re reading this on our website,


you can simply go to the Home Page and watch the videos there!