Filter-less Nano-Scale Air Purifiers

Over 100 Times the Purification Efficiency of Filter-Based Systems
At A Fraction of Their Total Costs

World-Leading Technology

Using no filters or UV lights, GENANO’s vastly superior indoor air purification is accomplished by a genius integration of 3 pre-existing technologies.

Unrivaled Purification Efficiency

Whereas the best filter-based systems can only purify to .1 microns, GENANO has been International Lab-tested and proven to purify at a nanometer scale.

Astounding Economy

Because of extremely low energy consumption and filter-less operation, GENANO’s total costs of ownership and operation are a mere fraction of those for filter-based systems.

GENANO Technology: How It Works!
The Top 3 Reasons to Own and Use A World-Leading Genano 310 Air Purifier 24-7-365 For All Your Life! (Click The "View More Videos" Button Below)
Mobidiag Laboratories: A GENANO® Customer Story
GENANO® Professional Air Decontamination for Hospitals

For Medical, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications

GENANO TECHNOLOGY® from Finland is the proven world-leading filter-less solution for modern society's Indoor Air Quality problems.

No air cleaning competitor even comes close to the filter-less purification power, tremendous energy savings, absolute safety, or overall cost-efficiency of our products.

For health and vitality, the only real choice is GENANO!

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Welcome to Austin Pure Air

We are the new, proud North American Distributor of world-leading
GENANO® Technology Air Purifiers.

Our Unrivaled and Independent Lab-Verified Claim: Superbly energy-efficient yet uniquely powerful, GENANO® Technology products destroy and safely remove up to 99.5% of all airborne particles -- even those as small as 1 Nano. And they use NO filters or UV lights.


Certified by three Independent International Research Laboratories

  • STI of Finland
  • LNE of France
  • RTI of North Carolina

GENANO® Technology provides vastly superior purification that has been PROVEN to include removal of every kind of Virus, Bacteria, Mold Allergen, DNA, Ultrafine Diesel Exhaust Particle, and all other fine or ultrafine toxic particles such as MRSA, SSARS, MERS, and other Superbugs.

Every kind and size of particulate — even as small as .001 microns — is destroyed and safely removed by both portable and in-line GENANO® units.

Indoor Air Quality and energy efficiency are ever-growing concerns in today's world. GENANO Technology® Air Purifiers magnificently solve both problems, saving health and even lives as they also provide astounding financial savings.

Our Portable Units — G120's, G310's, and G5250’s — as well as our large In-Line1000 Series Units, work in all sizes of buildings and provide an unrivaled advantage in the quest for healthful, invigorating indoor air.

Your GENANO® unit is delivered from GENANO-Finland's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to your door within 3-4 weeks. We assist you with the easy installation: 2 simple steps.

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Special announcement for coal-powered plants, manufacturing facilities and other air polluters:


completely and economically address your OUTDOOR AIR POLLUTION problems. No matter what regulations the EPA announces, GENANO® TECHNOLOGY Products will meet and far exceed them.

We here at Austin Pure Air encourage you to enjoy the most powerfully efficient, most economical Air Purifiers in the world...GENANO®!

Limited Warranty 10 Years

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GENANO® Indoor Air Purifiers

Our revolutionary and world-leading filter-less technology super-cleanses your indoor air far better than any old-technology HEPA-filter or UV system can!!
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